Still Want to Read Royal Thief?

I’ve made this announcement in a few other places as well, so you might already have heard this. But, for those of you who don’t know, I’m currently giving away ebook copies of Royal Thief to anyone willing to give it an honest review. The book is currently available in epub, mobi, or pdf format. If you’re interested in receiving a free copy of Royal Thief, shoot me an email at and I’ll send you whichever version you prefer.

Don’t worry if you’re not as familiar with posting reviews. Whether it’s a single sentence, or a whole page, any review will be appreciated. Reviews are so important to book sales, as they often play a role in both the purchasers’s decision to buy a book and whether the booksellers themselves will stock the book. I would be so grateful to anyone who’s willing to do this.

If you have any questions, just let me know!

Also, on a side note, Royal Thief is now in stock online at most major retailers (for a while it was out of stock on Barnes and Noble and Powell’s, but it’s available those places now as well). So if you’ve been holding out for a physical copy, now’s your chance to snag one.


Indie Book Challenge

This past spring, I decided to make it a goal of mine to read more self published books published. Part of the goal stemmed from my own desire to self publish Royal Thief, but it was also a great way to explore new authors and stories. There are so many amazing self published books out there, but unfortunately they don’t always get as much attention as some of the more traditionally published stories. So, this spring, I set a goal for myself to read at least one indie book a month. I wanted to compile a list of all the self published books I’ve read so far: the ones I’ve loved, ones I wasn’t a fan of, and everything in between. This doesn’t include all the independently published books I’ve read because I only started keeping track when I set my monthly goal. And I may have missed some since I started. But, these are definitely good ones to start with.

The Emperor’s Edge by Lindsay Buroker

The Cogsmith’s Daughter by Kate M. Colby

The Curious Tales of Gabrielle by Zachary Paul Chopchinski

Angelfall by Susan Ee

The Princess Saves Herself in this One by Amanda Lovelace

Starshine: Aurora Rising Book One by G.S. Jennsen

The Fallen Star by Jessica Sorensen

The Fading Dusk by Melissa Giorgio

The Atlantis Gene by A.G. Riddle

The Courtesan’s Avenger by Kate M. Colby

Curiosity and the Hounds of Arawn by  Zachary Paul Chopchinski

Have you guys read any of these books? What did you think? Are there any other books you’d recommend?


For those of you who celebrate a holiday this time of year, I hope it’s gone wonderfully. And for everyone else, I hope you all are having a great end to December!

This month has been absolutely insane for me, as I’m sure many people can relate to. I meant to write a few updates weeks ago, but life just kept getting in the way. So, here they are now:

  1. Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway for Royal Thief! I was blown away by the amount of support and interest I received. You all are so wonderful!  The giveaway is over now, but keep your eyes open for another one in the future.
  2. I’m diligently working away on the second book. The title will be revealed within the next couple months, so keep your eyes open for it! I will also be in search of a couple new beta readers for the second book. I’ll write another post in a few weeks with more details, but if you’re interested, feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll be sure you get updated.
  3. For anyone who’s interested in a physical copy of Royal Thief: It’s currently listed as sold out on a lot of sites. But don’t worry! You can still purchase a copy. As far as I know, The Book Depository still has copies available. Or, you can order it directly from  the distributor, BookBaby. You can also add it to your wishlist on your preferred site and when they get copies in, they will let you know.

I know I already said it once, but THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting up with me through all this insanity. Royal Thief wouldn’t be where it is today without all of you wonderful people!


I’m sorry for the overload of updates lately. I promise they will slow down after this!

First off, thank you for putting up with me lately! I know it’s been a whirlwind these past few weeks, and I know things have gotten a little crazy, so I apologize for any confusion. I appreciate all of you guys so incredibly much. Your support has been instrumental in helping to make my dream of publishing a reality. I honestly can’t thank you all enough for everything.

Now, on to some other exciting updates:

  1. Royal Thief is now on Goodreads! If you’re interested, check it out here
  2. The book is also officially up on Barnes and Noble so now it’s available as an ebook on all the major retail sites. I’ll let you all know when the print version is available too.
  3. If you missed it, I do have a giveaway going on. The details are posted in the previous post. Again, feel free to shoot me an email with any questions.
  4. I’m also hosting a giveaway for my tumblr followers, so if you have an account there, feel free to follow me. I’m thinking of doing twitter and instagram giveaways as well sometime, but I’ll probably wait a little while before I do those. But, if you’re interested in following me on instagram or twitter, feel free!

That’s all for now! Again, I promise to try and limit/condense my posts from now on so you all don’t get flooded with updates all the time. I’m still painfully new to all this. 🙂


I wanted to let everyone know about a giveaway I’m hosting in honor of Royal Thief being out in the world!

How to enter: Anyone who posts a review of Royal Thief on any site (goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and the Noble, ITunes, etc.) will be entered in raffle. For each site you post your review, you’ll get one entry. So, for example, if you post on goodreads and Amazon, you’ll get two entries.

What you’ll win: The winner will receive a $20 gift card to Amazon or Barnes and Noble (you get to choose)


I’ll be checking most of the sites regularly, but please also shoot me an email to let me know where you posted so I can be sure to count your entries.

The winner must be willing to give me their address. I promise not to use your address for anything other than the giveaway.

The giveaway ends December 1st

Any questions? Feel free to email me if there’s anything you’d like to know or if something doesn’t make sense!

If you’re interested in buying Royal Thief, it’s available on most major retail sites for only 99 cents!

Cover Reveal for Royal Thief

I’m so excited to finally reveal the cover for Royal Thief! I know I’m a little biased, but I absolutely love this cover!

If you’re interested in buying the book, it will be available within the next couple weeks as an ebook and the print version will be available in about a month. There’s a little bit of wiggle room on the release dates because of a few minor issue that came up. I’ll be sure to post the official release date as soon as I find out for sure.