Indie Book Challenge

This past spring, I decided to make it a goal of mine to read more self published books published. Part of the goal stemmed from my own desire to self publish Royal Thief, but it was also a great way to explore new authors and stories. There are so many amazing self published books out there, but unfortunately they don’t always get as much attention as some of the more traditionally published stories. So, this spring, I set a goal for myself to read at least one indie book a month. I wanted to compile a list of all the self published books I’ve read so far: the ones I’ve loved, ones I wasn’t a fan of, and everything in between. This doesn’t include all the independently published books I’ve read because I only started keeping track when I set my monthly goal. And I may have missed some since I started. But, these are definitely good ones to start with.

The Emperor’s Edge by Lindsay Buroker

The Cogsmith’s Daughter by Kate M. Colby

The Curious Tales of Gabrielle by Zachary Paul Chopchinski

Angelfall by Susan Ee

The Princess Saves Herself in this One by Amanda Lovelace

Starshine: Aurora Rising Book One by G.S. Jennsen

The Fallen Star by Jessica Sorensen

The Fading Dusk by Melissa Giorgio

The Atlantis Gene by A.G. Riddle

The Courtesan’s Avenger by Kate M. Colby

Curiosity and the Hounds of Arawn by  Zachary Paul Chopchinski

Have you guys read any of these books? What did you think? Are there any other books you’d recommend?


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